dSLR Lenses for Apple iPhone Cameras

Iphone5SLR Lenses for Apple iPhone Cameras

“the best gift for iPhone photographers!”


iphone4gsfisheye dSLR Lenses for Apple iPhone Cameras

The optical lens in short is the eye of a camera. The prime image forming component of a good camera. The lack of optical lens options is perhaps the biggest short coming of the iPhone 4 cameras. Camera lens for iphone adds optical lens options to increase fun and functionality to your beloved iPhone 4 or iPad 2 cameras. The special designed glass optical lenses will turn your iphone or ipad 2 camera into a mini dSLR camera. No need to install any software, though it is compatible with any and all iPhone apps. These quick-connect magnetic dSLR lenses are incredibly easy to use and amazingly powerful.

These awesome lenses from www.lensforiphone.com are specifically designed to use with your iPhone 4 or iPad 2 camera. Manufactured using aluminum and best quality optical glass to ensure high refractive index which result in truer color and higher resolution. The optical lens kit includes a fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens that easily fits in your pocket. Images from these glasses lenses are sharp and vibrant with the iPhone4  camera built-in lens. Compact enough to nestled in the palm of your hand, the lenses can be attached to your iPhone4 camera instantly, so you will always be sure to capture the image you want with the right lens.

“The ultimate accessory for iPhone!”

3lensnew dSLR Lenses for Apple iPhone Cameras

The Fisheye Lens creates fantastic curved edges with a 180-degree angle of view. The fisheye gives a spherical look to all your pictures, and is popular with action sports (skating, biking, snowboarding) photography, as well as scenic photography.

The Macro + Wide Angle lens is a two-piece in one. The macro screws into the wide angle. The wide angle lens provide a wider view which allows you to cram more into one shot. You will be most impressed with the macro lens, which functions as a very powerful magnifying glass for your iPhone. Great for bug or insect photography. It will provide you endless fun and most intriguing macro photos.

You may also argue that a handful of the thousands of available photo-enhancing iPhone apps can duplicate some of the lens’s functionality, but none will ever be able to match the caliber of images you can capture with the help of some high-quality hardware components. Engineered in Kyushu Japan, the lenses are made with high quality steel body and glass for maximum clarity. Sure, these compact lens won’t match the image quality of a pro rig, but considering its size and versatility, it is the must-have accessory for any iPhone camera shutterbug.

lensforiphone2 dSLR Lenses for Apple iPhone Cameras
From lensphoto

Watch our collections of videos for fun and applications

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Magnetic Lenses for your Apple iPhone cameras

3 lenses to turn your iPhone camera into a DSLR

factron iphone 3g case with 5 lenses included dSLR Lenses for Apple iPhone Cameras

Camera lenses Features

– Portable and detachable, you can take photo with your devices at any time

– You can use this conversion lens to make the wide angle shots as 0.67X

– High Clarity: Made of high-class glass

– Strong: Made of top-grade Aluminuim

– Applicable to iPhone 4 and iPad 2 cameras.


– Wide angle + Macro lenses : Magnification: Wide 0.67X + Super Macro

– Lens Construction: 2 elements in 2 groups

– Fish-eye lens provide a 180 degree angle (0.28x )

– The macro shot distance is between 10 ~ 23 mm

– Dimensions(main body): 20 (diameter) x 11.2 (length) mm

– Dimensions (adapter ring): 13.06 (outer dia.), 9.38 (innner dia.)

– Weight: 4.2 g

Package Includes

–   Magnetic Wide Angle & Macro Lens   x 1
–  Lens Cap (plastic)   x 1
–  Iron Adapter Ring   x 2
–  Keychain Strap   x 1
–  User Guide (English)   x 1



700 iphone4 dSLR Lenses for Apple iPhone Cameras


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Tips for Taking Better Vacation Pictures with Your iPhone

Summer is around the corner, are you planning on your next vacation? For vacations, a camera is a must, but today with iPhone camera that is just as good as any compact camera. Do you really need to take another camera? The answer is : not really if you follow these tips for better picture through your iPhone camera. the rule of thirds Tips for Taking Better Vacation Pictures with Your iPhonehttp://www.sfgate.com/technology/businessinsider/article/11-Tips-For-Taking-Travel-Pictures-And-Videos-4615516.php

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Galaxy S4 Smart Phone will feature Digital Zoom

The Smart Phone is getting smarter everyday. It will be replacing the compact digital camera soon. This is one of the first smart phone that will feature a digial zoom that is traditionally only found on compact digital camera.

As expected, Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 Zoom, a version of its popular Galaxy S4 Mini phone that sports a large, 10x zoom lens on the back, making it look more like a camera than a phone even though it is still technically a phone.

Check out this amazing device.

http://news.consumerreports.org/electronics/2013/06/first-smart-phone-with-optical-zoom-the-samsung-galaxy-s4-zoom.htmlCRO electronics Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom side 06 13 thumb 598xauto 7103 Galaxy S4 Smart Phone will feature Digital Zoom

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iPhone Camera Lens for Motorcycle

Hitcase, maker of rugged sports activity products for iPhone, announces the immediate availability of the MotoR and RollR, two new mounts designed to attach to handlebars and tubes for optimal iPhone photography and videography. Both mounts pair seamlessly with Hitcase and Hitcase Pro, ruggedized cases that transform the iPhone into a waterproof POV camera, making it easy to capture footage of your latest adventure while hitting the road or trail. Hitcase’s unique Railslide system with its auto-locking functionality and one-button trigger release lets you switch the case between different mounts in just seconds whether you are using the new handlebar mounts or the StickR and Tripod mounts that come bundled with your Hitcase.

Perfect for shooting action videos from your mountain bike or ATV handlebars, the MotoR for Hitcase attaches to bars and cages, and fits tubes from 0.5″ to 1.25″ (12.7mm to 31.75mm) in diameter. The MotoR was designed for quick mounting and angle adjustments using its metal ball and socket and U-bolt clamp. The heavy duty ball and socket system also allows for optimal flexibility to get the perfect angle for the ultimate shot. Hitcase can be removed or mounted to the MotoR in seconds with the patent-pending Railslide system, the fastest locking slide mechanism of any iPhone case. The Railslide’s wide degree of tilt gives added maneuverability for adjusting the viewing angle for photos and videos. Available now for $39.99 at Hitcase.com, MotoR is ideal for:

• Motocross
• Downhill mountain biking
• ATV racing
• Snowmobile riding
• Motorcycle racing

Rollr Mount 2013 iPhone Camera Lens for Motorcycle
The Hitcase RollR mount is perfect for capturing videos and photos while riding, driving, racing and more.

Designed to mount your Hitcase Pro onto larger rollbars or truck sports racks, the RollR uses a V-base saddle and hose clamp for mounting onto large diameter bars and irregular oval shapes. The rugged, marine-grade mount securely attaches to tubes from 1″ to 2.1″ (25.4mm to 53.3mm) in diameter. Hitcase partnered with world renowned motor vehicle mounting experts RAM Mounts to create the RollR, which has two ball joints and a single tightening clamp in the socket arm so that you can easily loosen both axles of movement at the same time. Simply position your Hitcase or Hitcase Pro where you want it, then tighten down the giant wing nut and it all locks in place instantly. The mount comes with two hose clamps along with a rubber clamp sleeve for extra grip and scratch resistance, and the RollR can be used with other hose clamps as well. Available for $44.99, RollR mount works with:

• Rollbars and cages
• Tubes
• Sports racks on cars and trucks
• Airplane landing gears
• ATV racks
• Poles
• Larger handle bars

Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5 is a waterproof, shockproof case that revolutionizes the way you use your iPhone. It includes a built-in wide angle lens for capturing professional quality photos and videos, and triples the effective field of view of your iPhone’s camera. A patented-pending ShockSeal design protects your phone from the elements while shielding it from shocks and drops, so you can adventure with confidence. Made for outdoor and action sports enthusiasts who love sharing their adventures with friends, Hitcase Pro now pairs with the updated Vidometer 2.0, a free app that lets you choose custom overlays to record your speed, altitude, G-Force and other data on top of your videos and upload them to Facebook or YouTube.

The Hitcase MotoR and RollR mounts will officially debut at CTIA 2013 in Las Vegas. Hitcase will showcase the full product line at the nuCourse booth, #7155.

About Hitcase
Based in the outdoor sports mecca of Vancouver, British Columbia, Hitcase builds the world’s best sports activity products for iPhone. For more information on Hitcase visit www.hitcase.com or https://www.facebook.com/Hitcase. Download Hitcase’s free iPhone action video app Vidometer.

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Panorama Lens for iPhone4s

dot iphone lens  Panorama Lens for iPhone4s
Interested on taking Panorama pictures like those by the iPhone5? Or would you prefer to stand in one place and take an awesome Panorama picture without having to move around? This is the lens you been wishing for. The Dot iPhone Panorama Lens allows you to shoot panoramic videos without needing you to move the phone around and hold steady. Instead, just lay your phone flat and let Dot do the work. When the video’s ready, the special player let will you drag the viewpoint around to watch your flick from all angles.


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Periscope Lens for iPhone

Periscope Lens for iPhone

Wanna be sneaky about your photographing? You can add this periscope over your iphone and you can snap away pictures of any subject you want without looking suspicious or creepy.

iphone periscope Periscope Lens for iPhone

periscope for iphone

Take picture of any subject you want  without pointing the iPhone direct on the subject. There are millions of use of this lens. Apply your own scenario here. It use the same magnetic mount as the camera lens for iphone. Simply stick this periscope on to your iphone, and you are ready to be a detective, or a creepy.  No limited on the things that you can do.


iphone periscope 2 Periscope Lens for iPhone


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Nokia Lumia phones with Pelican’s 16-lens camera

Pelican Imaging’s unique 16-lens camera module for smartphones could appear in Nokia Lumia handsets as soon as next year, the company has hinted.

The Finnish manufacturer beefed up its investment in Pelican this week and now the imaging start-up’s boss says it is in talks with at least one manufacturer to bring the tech to market in a 2014 handset.

Speaking to Engadget, Pelican’s CEO Chris Pickett didn’t say which manufacturers are testing the tech, but it would seem unlikely that Nokia would pump money into a company only to see others reap the benefits.

Nokia has been very always been very active in pushing mobile camera tech, most recently with its PureView 42-megapixel sensors, which are reportedly coming to Lumia phones.

Could they be combined with Pelican’s tech too?

Why all the fuss?

So what’s this Pelican camera and what makes it so great? Well, the camera unit features 16 individual lenses, all of which snap pictures when the shutter is pressed, while depth information is captured at every pixel.

This, like the innovative Lytro camera, allows the photographer to alter the focus of the image or even have multiple focus points after the shot has been captured.

Photographers can also “change backgrounds, scale any part of the picture, or combine elements from multiple photos into interesting new images,” the company claims.

Photos that are shared by the photographer feature all of the information necessary to download and edit on any device.

The tech is certainly pretty neat and could be the biggest thing to happen to smartphone cameras in a long time.

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Is a Camera Phone Enough for Your Next Vacation?

Ask the experts: Do I need to take a separate camera on holiday, or can a smartphone take good-quality photos? Our technology expert Donald Strachan advises.

Smartphone cameras are catching up with compacts, helped by improvements in lens technology and an army of apps. For most people, they have high enough resolution and large enough apertures for general use on holiday.

But not all smartphone cameras are created equal. The best for more serious photographers is the Nokia Lumia 920 (£400 on PAYG fromorange.co.uk). It has an 8.7-megapixel (MP) camera with a capable lens and image stabilisation. The richness of colour and detail on my test shots was impressive. Lumias run Windows Phone 8, so you won’t find the mass of photo apps that are available on other platforms.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has recently been released, and its 13 MP camera comes with software such as panorama mode and high dynamic range (HDR) shooting. The Sony Xperia Z (£490 contract-free from phones4u.co.uk) also has a 13 MP camera.

The iPhone’s camera isn’t a match for those, but I switch the default camera for an app called Camera+ (campl.us; iPhone/iPad; 69p). The ability to separate exposure and focus when composing a shot is one useful feature borrowed from more professional cameras. The Lightbox has a clarity function to even out underexposed patches. King Camera (saycheezzz.com; iPhone; free, or £1.49 for hi-res, ad-free version) is an alternative.

To get creative with composition, you also need the added flexibility of different lenses. The Olloclip Quick-Connect Lens (£70 fromstore.apple.com/uk) clips on to an iPhone 4, 4S or 5, adding a macro, fisheye or wide-angle lens to the inbuilt camera. The Mujjo Fisheye Pro Lens (£33 from firebox.co.uk) attaches to almost any smartphone and takes extreme wide-angle shots that liven up any album.

Image quality plunges as soon as you use your smartphone’s digital zoom. The VTec 12x Telephoto Lens for iPhone 4/4S (£28 from carphonewarehouse.com) allows you to get much closer without a drastic loss in image quality. Its manual focus barrel adds precision. Camera shake can affect shots at high magnifications, so the telephoto comes with a mini-tripod. VTec also makes lenses for the Samsung Galaxy range of phones (see vtec.co.uk).

None of this is going to make your smartphone a match for a DSLR or compact system camera. Low light conditions are a challenge, and if you need the highest image quality you should look elsewhere. But there’s no longer any need to carry two separate gadgets to capture and share your holiday snaps. Check out iphoneography.com to see what is possible with just your smartphone.

Ask the experts

Our Q&A service allows you can pick the brains of our experts at home and abroad. Email your query to asktheexperts@telegraph.co.uk. We won’t be able to answer them all, but we will do our best.

About Donald Strachan

donald strachan 2256041a Is a Camera Phone Enough for Your Next Vacation?

Donald is a specialist in technology and new media.

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Camera Lens for iPhone 5

media httpmikeshoutsc GpAGa.jpg.scaled500 Camera Lens for iPhone 5

If you are looking to upgrade your iPhone camera. Camera Lens for iPhone 5 would be a great add on to increase utility of the new iPhone5 camera.

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Belkin FM Transmitter

media httpwwwiloungec jjbaE.jpg.scaled500 Belkin FM Transmitter

An FM transmitter plugs into your car’s power socket (cigarette lighter) and then plugs into either your docking connection at the bottom of your iPod/iPad/iPhone, or into your headphone jack. You tune your FM car radio to a weak station and then set the FM transmitter to that same station. http://www.iphonefmtransmitter.net/

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Best accessories for your new iPad or iPhone

TAP11.feature1b.iphc 580 90 Best accessories for your new iPad or iPhone

iPhone cases

01. Griffin Survivor
Price: £17
Works with: iPhone 4/4S

Protection doesn’t come much more robust than this: the Survivor is designed to meet or even exceed UK and US military standards of toughness! It’ll make your iPhone 4/4S resistant to being dropped and offers some protection from sand and rain. There are also versions of this case for the iPod touch and iPad 2.

02. Incipio Feather
Price: £14
Works with: iPhone 3G/3GS or 4/4S

If you’re not keen on adding much weight or bulk to your iPhone, check out these super-slim back covers. Available in shiny or matte finishes, the Feather leaves the connectors and buttons easily accessible, while keeping the back of your iPhone protected from knocks.

03. Knomo iPhone Wallet
Price: £35
Works with: iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S

Why carry a phone case and a wallet, when you can combine the two in a stylish leather folder? Pop in a couple of important cards, slide your iPhone into the designated pouch and you’re ready to go. You’ll need to take your iPhone out of the case to use it, though.

04. Belkin Leather Pull-Tab Sleeve
Price: £11
Works with: iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S

If you don’t want to cover up the sleek lines of your iPhone when you’re using it, but need some protection for it in your pocket or bag, this sleeve could be just the ticket. Extremely robust, it’s got a gauze window to check the time, and a tab to get at your phone easily.

05. ArtWizz SeeJacket Alu
Price: £20
Works with: iPhone 4/4S

This aluminium case adds more protection than a plastic shell, without adding much extra weight or bulk. The inner rubber lining grips the phone and protects from bumps.

06. Pro/Tec Executive Leather Case
Price: £7
Works with: iPhone 3G/3GS or 4/4S

A smart leather case doesn’t need to cost the Earth: for under a tenner, you get a robust and business-like flip case. Make sure you get the correct one for your model of iPhone.

iPad cases

TAP11.feature1b.ipac 580 90 Best accessories for your new iPad or iPhone

01. Apple Smart Cover
Price: £35/£59
Works with: iPad 2

We couldn’t not include this, could we? A cover, automatic screen switch and two-angle stand, it’s wonderfully versatile. Yes, it’s pricey and doesn’t protect the back of the iPad 2, but as a piece of engineering it’s still the best iPad cover out there.

02. Belkin Verve Folio Stand
Price: £34
Works with: iPad 2

It looks the part, the built-in magnet switches the screen on and off automatically, and it’s relatively thin as far as leather folder cases go. What’s more, it offers all-round protection for your iPad and will stand in landscape at a variety of angles. Pure class.

03. Orbyx Leather Folder case
Price: £29
Works with: iPad

This oozes class with a splash of fun thrown in: the black or brown leather exterior is complemented by a bright green or pink lining inside. It’s a good fit, and will prop your iPad at a nice angle for typing or watching videos.

04. Incipio Destroyer
Price: £28
Works with: iPad

If it’s solid protection you’re after, solid protection you shall get. This sturdy shell bolts together, holding your iPad in a vice-like grip. It’s for the original iPad only – for the iPad 2, have a look at Gumdrop’s similar Drop cases.

05. iLuv Flex-Gel Case
Price: £11
Works with: iPad 2

If you’re after a gel back cover for your iPad 2, you’ve countless options. But this trumps them all, because it hugs your device so tightly where many others are a bit loose around the edges. The matt surface gives you a nice amount of grip, and there are five colours.

06. iLuv Smart Back Cover
Price: £27
Works with: iPad 2

So you love the Apple Smart Cover, but want to protect the back of your iPad 2 as well – what do you do? Why, you get one of these, of course. It clips on, adding minimal extra thickness to your iPad 2, but excellent all-round protection.

07. Speck HandyShell for iPad 2
Price: £27
Works with: iPad 2

As well as a protective shell, this gives you a genius fold-out clip. It’s clever because it does so many things: use it to grip your iPad, hang it up, or stand it in portrait or landscape orientations. Or if you’re more musically inclined, flip the clip right out and you’ve got an easy way to hold your virtual guitar!


TAP11.feature1b.headphones 580 90 Best accessories for your new iPad or iPhone

01. Apple In-Ear Headphones
Price: £45
Works with: Everything

You’d be forgiven for thinking, given how lacklustre the white headphones you get with the iPhone and iPod are, that we’re mad for suggesting buying Apple’s premium set. But actually, they’re the best in-ear models we’ve tried at this price.

02. Sennheiser HD 518
Price: £72
Works with: Everything

Because these over-the-ear cans are open-backed, sound doesn’t bounce around inside the cup in the same way as with closed-back models – resulting in audio that is as crisp as it is gutsy. What’s more, they’re really comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

03. Sony MDR-NC200D
Price: £172
Works with: Everything

This is the only set in this list that includes active noise cancellation. Powered by a single AAA battery, the smart, three-mode noise cancellation works well on something like a train journey, and the overall sound quality from these headphones is excellent.

04. Etymotic hf3
Price: £100
URL: etymotic.com
Works with: Everything

The super-clean, balanced and neutral sound from these in-ear buds may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you like your music as uncoloured as possible, these are stunning. You could also treat yourself to custom moulded earbuds (shown) for an extra £70.

05. Sennheiser PX 210 BT
Price: £92
Works with: Everything

It’s difficult to fully grasp how liberating it is to have wireless headphones until you’ve tried them. This superb Bluetooth set – like its fancier brother, the MM 450 Travel – sounds terrific, and works great with everything except the original iPhone and iPod touch.


TAP11.feature1c.input 580 90 Best accessories for your new iPad or iPhone

01. Wacom Bamboo Stylus
Price: £25
Works with: Everything

Whether it’s to write, paint or sketch on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, there are times when you need more precision than your finger can offer. And Wacom’s 6mm tip is as small and precise as you can get with the screen on your device. It’s beautifully weighted to feel like a pencil in your hand, and though it’s costly as far as styluses go, it’s the best there is.

02. Just Mobile AluPen
Price: £15
Works with: Everything

This stylus is solid, chunky and easy to hold. It’s got a thicker tip than the Wacom Bamboo Stylus, making it perhaps more suitable for artists’ use. It’s also a good deal cheaper than the Bamboo Stylus, but doesn’t feel it when you’ve got it in-hand.

03. ZAGGfolio for iPad 2
Price: £80
Works with: iPad 2

OK, so this isn’t cheap, but it’s our favourite keyboard and protective case combo for the iPad 2. A lovely detachable keyboard slots into a thin protective cover and stand.

04. KeySonic KSK- 3201MacBT
Price: £38
Works with: Everything

Whether it’s a quick iMessage or longer piece of prose that you’re writing, you’ll almost certainly be quicker and more comfortable with an external keyboard than the on-screen one. This one gets the balance between compact size and ease of typing spot on.

05. Logitech Tablet Keyboard
Price: £50
Works with: Everything

If the prospect of typing on a compact keyboard like the KeySonic one doesn’t thrill you, take a look at Logitech’s excellent desktop-size offering, which comes complete with carry case that doubles as a clever stand for the iPad.


TAP11.feature1c.power 580 90 Best accessories for your new iPad or iPhone

01. Mophie JuicePack Plus
Price: £27
Works with: iPhone 4/4S

Pop your iPhone 4/4S into one of these battery cases and you’ll almost double the length of time you can use it for, thanks to the 2000mAh battery. The case helps protect your phone from bumps and scrapes as well, though it also adds some bulk.

02. Proporta USB TurboCharger
Price: £43
Works with: Everything

It may be big and a bit weighty, but the whopping 5000mAh battery in here should fill an iPhone several times over, and will also charge an iPad. A great companion to take with you if you’re expecting to be away from power outlets for long periods.

03. Griffin PowerJolt Plus
Price: £13
Works with: Everything

Make sure you never arrive at your destination with a dead iPhone, iPad or iPod touch: plug one of these into your car’s lighter socket and your device will charge. It’s even got a feed-through socket on it, meaning you can connect more than one thing to a single socket.

04. Kensington PowerLift Back-Up Battery, Dock & Stand
Price: £33
Works with: iPhone, iPod touch

A bit of a multitasking marvel, this one – not only will it stand and sync your iPhone or iPod touch, but it’ll charge it on the go thanks to its 1200mAh battery. It’s perfect for FaceTime or other calls, so be sure to take it with you whenever you head out the door.

05. Griffin PowerDock Dual
Price: £32
Works with: Everything

You get three things in one, here: an iPhone/iPod charger; an iPad charger; and a tray for your keys or coins. The PowerDock Dual is the ideal place to leave your iOS devices to charge – both when you’re at home or at work.

06. iDAPT i4
Price: £37
Works with: Everything

If you’ve got several devices – be they Apple or otherwise – the i4 lets you charge them all at once. By adding different tips to the unit (it comes with one dock connector, you can buy more from the website), you can connect three bits of kit, and the USB port allows you to charge a fourth, too.

Music making

TAP11.feature1c.music 580 90 Best accessories for your new iPad or iPhone

01. Alesis iO Dock
Price: £139
Works with: iPad

There are plenty of excellent accessories to add music input and output to your iPad or iPad 2, but the iO Dock brings them all together in a single package. The XLR and quarter-inch jack inputs mean you can connect a range of equipment, and these are complemented by MIDI inputs and outputs. Add a foot pedal socket, composite video out and two quarter-inch main outputs, and you’ve got a fantastic package.

02. IK Multimedia iRig
Price: £22
Works with: Everything

Forget buying lots of costly effects pedals for your guitar: get an iRig and the AmpliTube app for a whole range of different guitar sounds right there on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It’s also a great way to record those guitar licks you’ve been perfecting straight into GarageBand. An absolutely essential add-on for any guitarist with an iOS device.

03. IK Multimedia iRig MIDI
Price: £46
Works with: Everything

Where the first iRig is designed for connecting guitars to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the MIDI version lets you hook up any MIDI kit – such as keyboards, synthesisers and foot pedals – to your device. What’s more, because it uses the CoreMIDI system, it’ll work with a whole host of iOS apps.

04. Numark iDJ Live
Price: £80
Works with: iPad

Mixing music like a real DJ no longer requires you to shell out hundreds of pounds on a set of decks, a mixer and lots of vinyl. The iDJ Live links to the excellent djay iPad app (£13.99), letting you control your tunes using a tactile pair of decks, with basic mixing controls in between. And while your revellers dance away to the playing track, the included splitter cable means you can cue up the next in your headphones.


First published in Tap! Issue 10

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There are literally millions of different options when it comes to choosing the accessory for your new iPhone or iPad. Here are a list of Best accessories for your new iPad or iPhone click here find out more..

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